legato mode for phrases

Am I missing something? when I toggle between phrases the last phrase start to play at the first line. Is it possible to make it work like Ableton Live’s legato mode? I want to be able to start a phrase in the exact position where the last phrase ended.

I know this is possible with commands but I want to achieve it in real time. Thanks.

Sorry, what you are looking for is not currently supported. At least not in real-time.

Actually, I did not even know that “legato” (which is usually referring to pitch) extended to clip playback position in Ableton.

Just to be sure that I understand you, and how this feature could work…

Imagine that we have two phrases, one with 32 lines and one with 48 lines.

Also, Redux is set to mono trigger option (legato mode).

Example #1: we trigger the first phrase, and then shortly after, the second one.

  • From what you describe, I would expect the playhead to move to line 33 of the second phrase. Or?

Example #2: we’ve triggered the second phrase, and shortly after, the first one.

  • Now I would expect the playhead to move to line 17 of the second phrase, because 48 “overshoots” the 32-line by 16 lines.

Did I get this right?

OP, you can trigger the phrase at a specific line with the Sxx command (like you would a sample), where “xx” is two hex values. Maybe that is what you mean?