Lemn8 - New era (teaser)


Hello there. I just want to share and introduce myself. starting a new era of making music. Wanted to ask for your opinion because i lack knowledge about mastering. Also everything needs to be free. so i use Reaxcomp multiband compressor and i think it sounds pretty neat. I like a bit distorted sound with partly overkill of reverb.

The thing is i want to know if this is exciting to hear or irritating. All comments are welcome. Especially the positive ones :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. Dont hesitate if you want to know how i did stuff, it keeps me motivated.

Really nice! I definitively feel it.

You are telling a story and for me, that’s the most important.

Maybe the violin are a little bit too loud at the beginning then after the break they seems to fine. I’m listening to it with the speaker of my macbook.

I also try to use free stuffs (plugins, samples), at the end, I’m more focused and with limitations, I’m more creative.

Anyway, congrats. You win a SC follower :slight_smile:

Thanks 4 the reply. Its official then. People often say it sounds like a journey or a story. I like that, hopefully it’s not a boring one. Anyway i followed you back! :walkman: