Heres piece of my pop song. Tell me what you like it.

I record vocals on it next weekend.

one word: awesome
i love the atmosphere of this, the flutes, the squelching bass, the solid drum track. the chord progression. even the little birdy samples. this is great man! but it definitely needs vocals, you better do it soon so i can rock out!

please post finished product, i would love to hear it!

My first impression of this is that the bass drum is mixed in a little too heavily especially for this style. I would personally EQ is out a bit around 150+Hz and try and get it to sit beneath the bass line, which is currently overpowered.

Also a bit more variation in the beat would be good with maybe a breakdown in it.

Nice choice of sounds, particularly like the use of the synth strings,

Will definitely benefit from your planned vocals,

Look forward to hearing the finished song!

agreed about the breakdown

thanx guys for feedback.
actually cant mix it before I get my Tapcos in near future.
this piece was entirely mixed with headphones! :walkman:

PLease reload.