Let me know what You think!

Hi there!

My name is Ksenia and I’m a Russian girl living in The Czech Republic.

I tried to compose an Ambient track. My idea was to make a very nice and peaceful track and i think i did it right. I used samples from my boyfriend’s unfinished Intelligent Drum&Bass. I used his deep atmosphere and added some natural sounds, effects, etc. The result is very clear. It seems to me to be something like a soundbath… IT’s done in demoversion of Renoise!! The result had to be directly recorded in my sample editor :-))…

The track is short, because it’s more an atmosphere than anything else.

I want to spread the peace of my mind to other peoples’ minds.

It would be also very nice from You if You could send me some feedback! I want to know about anything that i can make better! My e-mail adress is: senia@seznam.cz

Thank You very much even if You’ll do so or not.

The track has name “Deep Inside” and it’s on this webpage: http://www.mp3.com/sexygirl/

I wish You bright light in Your heart and soul!

Yours faithfully

:: Ksenia Besprozvannykh ::

Ok, I’m gonna start giving proper feedback on here but it wont be until Thursday as I have to work the next three days so I’ll start then… :D

nice track…

better? well… make it last longer, 0:54 can hardly be considered a track… more like… intro :)

I would call this a “soundscape”, not really a song.

Not because of the length (when I, sometimes, compose such short pieces, I call them “musical thoughts”), but because of lack of any musical structure.

Though, I wouldn’t call it just a “sound effect” because it’s well done, expresses a feeling and it is also too long to be loaded in Amiga’s Protracker 1.x :lol: :rolleyes: :P

Nice… er um sounds. It’s not really a track since it should start to kick a beat right where it cuts out. Other then then the fact of it being so short it’s pretty good. just expand on it for a bit and you’ll have something nice and dreamy.