Let The New Guys/girls Answer Newbie Questions

A lot of us old-timers jump in and answer questions immediately, as my unusually high post count will attest to (mostly flame wars? haha)

I propose whenever there is a question, gurus wait a few hours and give other people who are just integrating into the community a chance to answer.

Thus allowing them to up their post count and gain some credibility (if they want it).

Funny that you mention this.
I often think by myself: Hey I know the answer to his question!
But then the guruh’s allready answered it. :P

nice one conner!

That and I also believe it’ll help the newbies in learning RNS faster, since they themselves might become curious and think about the question asked instead of just reading the answers.

When I saw the title of this thread I thought it was touting agression towards us noobs and our noob questions.
How wrong I was. :lol:

This is a great (and very considerate) idea!
Also, I have always found I learn things better if I’m trying to explain them to others, so the “learning by teaching” phenomenon will be encouraged and in no time those cute, oft’ clumsy padawan renoisers will be time warping, supersonic skilled renoise ninja monster-warriors! :ph34r: