Lets Share Dsp-chains

i was making some dsp chains yesterday,and thought they might be usefull to others,so i thought i would share them with my fellow renoisers

so if you have made some nice dsp-chains,you would share,then post them here

i have tried to organise the chains in different folders

heres the DL-link


Downloaded, Thank You for share!

thank you,nice

your welcome,just hopes that more would share their dsp-chains :D

hmm guess theres not many that use DSP-chains :D

for me its every time a different DSP chain, so imo its up to what you do, to make a sweet dsp chain.
I never used any pre DSP chains, but its a good idea though.
How about a Master dsp chain? :D

i have made some more DSP-chains,i will update the download link later today.

i dont master in renoise,but use the stand-alone version of T-racks

so i dont have any mastering-chains.

maybe some other renoiser have??