Level Meters (Feature Request)

I would realy love to see a level meter view inside Renoise. For example:

Best Regards!

Is this then track levels or equalizer?

What about the Drawing Mode > 1/3 Octave option?

yep, right click ‘master spectrum’ and select the different drawing mode.

Please let me explain further:

Each bar (in my image) should represent the ‘post fader’ volume of a track. This can be very handy when doing precise mixdown work. Basicly it is a view of only the VU Meters of the mixer, without faders, inserts etc. etc… the width of the bars depends on the number of tracks in the project.

I am not looking for a spectrum analyser. Just a one eye view of the levels for each seperate track.

For example, Take a look at an Motu 828, on the front panel there is a matrix of leds representing the volume of each output channel.

Since i am not at home right now i cannot check out the differnt view mode, but i suspect to see a analyser (bar-view) of just 1 channel)? Will check it out when i get back home.

It’s just a compact view of the mixer window then?

Good to see other synthforum users here ;) but yes, a compact view of the mixer. Just VU Meters.

How did you know

Some people have to work on 1366x768 resolutions sometimes. Might even have >10 tracks. ;D