Lexicon Core 2 Xp Drivers?


I would like to know if anyone knows where to look for the Lexicon Core 2 XP drivers. Lexicon stopped developping these drivers back in 2001.

And now i would like to update to XP ;) but than my soundcard will be useless. Mayby any any third party drivers??

Anyone please,

Thanks in advance


Ok i would like to know a few things:

What does a driver exactly do??
What is the difference between a win 98 and a xp driver???
Is it possible to make your own ( I am really desperate…)


a driver translates between software and hardware.
windows basically tells the driver something like “I would like to play this and that with these options” and the drivers translates this into commands that makes the soundcard play it.

there are big differences between win98 and xp drivers, I cant explain you what differences, but 98 drivers are simply useless in XP. (its like a completely different language).

and developing your own drivers … I dont think so. You either need complete knowledge and understanding of the hardware so you can write your own driver, or you need alot of brain to reverse-process the win98 drivers and then rewrite it for XP (which means you basically have to completely understand what the driver does), but this does also require alot of knowledge of Win98 and WinXP and the card.

I think there is pretty much nothing you can do …