LFO amount on envelopes

I’m playing some minutes with RNI’s these days, because taktik asked me to do so :)

I tried this LFO feature, but I have a question:
how does the Amount value work?

I assume it does not work on a percentage basis (i.e.: if I set an amount of 30 and a wave type of Sin, it will modulate the signal with a sinusoidal wave which amplitude is 30% of the maximum (or initial, or maximum possible (65535 for 16 bit samples)) sample value), because it appears that the amplitude of the modulation wave is independent of the sample volume.

This can cause undesired side effects, because if I play a volume modulated sample at maximum volume, it can sound ok, but if I play it at a lower volume, tremolo occurs, because the volume can easily reach the value of zero.

If everything I’ve written is right, I suggest taktik to multiply the LFO amount for (xx/64) where xx is (decimal) volume of playing.

if you ask me i’d say there is a bug somewhere. cuttoff lfo goes too fast when lfo below zero. definitly a bug…

yes, the fadeout is way too fast, as if the amount value would be subtracted to the volume, but this is just fancy: taktik will tell us the truth