Lfo Automation

Hi, man! Can I automate LFO parametres? (frequency, amount)

PS I afraid, what I can’t do it

No sorry, the instrument envelopes are currently not controllable through automation or pattern effect commands.
The closest thing you can do is using ghost notes to not retrigger the instrument envelopes but that is as far as it goes currently.

I’d love to have a slightly more full-fledged sampler instrument in Renoise, maybe something like the Ableton simpler. Nothing fancy.

yeah, simpler is good…

btw, peopz, is it possible to manage LFO’s frequency sync not in LPC but in classic dimentions like 1/4 , 1/8 so on ?

Well, if i had the skills, i would redesign it to a much more luxurious design than that it is now.
Instruments or instrument groups could be attached to MIDI devices (the whole midi-in definition would then be overhauled).
But then i would crank Taktik because also the pattern record behavior should get changed for that…

I would make the instruments respond to MIDI CC messages and allow pitchbend to be applied to them.
I would implement multilayers including a note-off (release) layer where a sample could be attached to as well.
There are a lot of things that i have in mind to decorate the instrument system with…

I’d love to see something a little closer in capabilities to the Ableton Sampler instrument, but even something a lot simpler than that would still be very useful.