Lfo Confusion....

First off, hi everyone, first time poster and recently converted renoise FANATIC. This program is wonderful.

I am trying to basically do LFO sync. You see this in many softsynths/samplers as 1/4 1/8 etc, the triplet forms 1/8T etc. I’m trying to assign this on a filter cutoff. Yes I am making dubstep style wobbles

When seeing the “frequency” parameter of the LFO I assumed it meant something along the lines of ticks, or lines, or similar. So I’d divide that up and pick something that made sense (like using ‘16’ expecting it to be some even number of beats, similar to sync’ing a sample to 16 32 64…). But my issue is that the period of the LFO was never quite right.

I read the tutorials closer and see them using “60” as frequency to get a good result. Bingo! 30 works too, so does 15. But my question is, what if I want to go “slower” than a frequency of 15? 7.5? that’s not going to work. 3.25? etc

Also what on earth does that frequency value actually correspond to? Changing ticks had no effect. It clealy doesn’t have anything to do with lines of the tracker or beats. So… what?

Understanding this better may shed light on how I can figure out how to make the LFO period do stuff like triplets and so forth where it hits like 3 times in 4 beats. Brute force experimenting to find the values is not cool because it would be a lot of dumb work - I want to understand it and be efficient. That’s why we’re all here, right???

Thanks much,


LFO frequency = how many lines it takes for one cycle (LPC = lines per cycle).

I think your problem is that you’re not resetting the LFO at the start of the song/pattern!

use x6yy, where
x is the number of the LFO in the effect chain
yy is the offset (0 puts it at the beginning, 80 in the middle etc.)

Johann, thanks

I think my problem is that I’m not using the LFO Device (meta device), I was using the LFO in the “instrument settings”… I didn’t realize that this LFO Device existed. Looks much better for what I am doing


Oh boy you’re in for some fun then :D

(check out the demo song by BotB, “Jong Belegen”… :blink: )

The instrument LFO and filters are in dire need of updating … I wish I could get a bigger range and more control for the pitch envelope personally =\ … I’d love to be able to do huge pitch sweeps and full arpeggios with just an envelope =D