Lfo Device Synchronisation.

I think it very easy option - synchronise LFO Device with play keys. And it can be very useful. Becouse it very easy way to extremely detailed tuning for processing drums, bass and other instruments. With help of custom mode. But in present time, without synchronisation it’s impossible.

Yeah, the LFO is only reset when you tell it to. You would have to insert a LFO reset command in the start of the song to synchronize to song start. Try clicking the reset button on the LFO device, and see what command is output in the status bar. Then, write this command into the track effect column

See also: http://tutorials.renoise.com/Renoise/ModulationDevices

Another option is to synchronize to notes. This requires a key-tracking device.

Thank you for answer danoise. But I think in any event sync button can by useful.
I find way to automate reset button throgh hydra device. :walkman: Since In LFO Device Is don’t support envelope automatisation of the reset button. It’s good! :)


Here’s a very quick example of a custom LFO envelope controlling the cutoff frequency of a filter, with a Key-Tracking Device connected to the LFO’s reset function, so that it resets each time a note is played.

Thank you, but danoise say about this before, and I can understand this without examples.

Cool, no problem, I was just trying to be helpful. Maybe you had never tried it before and weren’t 100% sure about how to set it up. shrug B)

In my opinion, things are working fine now. The LFO doesn’t really need to detect notes, since that is exactly what the key-tracking device was created for. But I do agree that the LFO reset function should be available via automation envelopes, without the need to use a Hydra inbetween.

In start of the topic I imply synchronisation with start of pattern playing and button play of the interface, or synchronisation to some equal periods in the song or pattern. For looped envelopes for the drum loops or sequences. But synchronisation to notes and possibility of automate reset button is good features too.