Lfo: Frequency In Hz?

LFO is just about my favorite device in Renoise. However, often times it cannot go as fast as I would like. Right now, the fastest the LFO can go is 1 LPC. There are a number of situations in which I’d like it to go much faster than this, such as Amplitude Modulation. Thus, the one feature that I would kill to see is an option to set the LFO frequency in Hz (cycles per second.)

I have been able to simulate AM by routing an LFO to the track volume, putting it on 1 LPC, ramping up the LPB to 256, and then playing with the tempo, but while this is fun for making sounds, it’s not practical in a song.

So, would it be a real pain to add Hz as an option to the LFO?

YOu could for example use the custom lfo ,then draw 4 identitical waveforms instead of one = 4 times faster
for example use lpc 1 ;then number of points for custom envelope to 128 and the copy /paste some ( you can draw them in the instrument editor for a better resolution…goes pretty fast

this is my favorite too!!

can use renoise as a real synth now by just importing or creating basic waveforms and using the sampler as an oscillator.

i like this idea a lot. i try to get things real fast sometimes too with out changing the master speed.

now if i could only figure out how to get the velocity device to work with it!

I expected he lfo device combo together with a dc-offset device to generate some kind of sound, but you first need some kind of (empty) .wav. Wasn’t there some genius .xrns floating around utilizing this set-up expertly (can’t be bothered to search for it)? Having frequency of lfo go up would be nice for these kind of things…

use the new ringmod device for amplitude modulation. AM and RM are slightly different processes: one is a bidirectional modulator waveform that produces only sidebands (RM) and one is a unidirectional waveform with a DC offset of 0.5 that produces the sidebands as well as the carrier frequency. They use different processes but sound very alike, basically Ring Modulation sounds like Amplitude Modulation with it’s “Wet” knob turned up all the way, if that makes sense. Turn down the Wet knob and you get into AM territory, and at it’s dry setting you only hear the carrier signal unaffected. take a look at the ringmod device, this concept has been implemented in the “Amount” fader. check it out.

Interesting idea…it can make for super small file sizes! 8KB: http://agargara.iiichan.net/files/035_DCoffset.xrns

Oh, and @ryanmca: thanks for the ring mod tip. I still think having a faster oscillator could be useful in other applications though!

I’ve also suggested this sometime ago, and I still think there’s no reason why this would not be possible. So yes, please.