Lfo Frequency Instrument Envelopes Not Related To Any Speed/tempo

I got a question from a user who could not synchronise the instrument LFO’s to any speed.
There are certain frequencies that run along the speed/tempo but it looks like they are more of an incidental kind than that they really have a strict meanted relation.
The frequency does at least not relate to the tpc amount like they do in the LFO meta devices.

Instrument envelopes and LFOs run on a tick base, not tempo.

If i set the speed to 3, i need to set the LFO to 15 to get at least a matching sync-level. with any other value it does get near it but not exact. What relation is a frequency of 15 to speed 3?

The behaviour between instrument LFO and meta LFO device appears different.
(also the behaviour of some elements of the filter-2 dsp and the filter envelope are different, like the Dist and Mod section but this is probably because the instrument has cut-off and resonance curves separated.)

I just did a quick check because i had also troubles with documenting it the way it is described now.