Lfo Lpc

hi there,

when using the lfo, 1404 command sets the lfo’s lpc to 63.75 but how to set it to 64 lpc ?


ps, one shot lfo’s <3

i’m familiar with this dilemma.

until there will be only 2 digits of resolution for commands, this will not be addressed. as I have explained in another thread, this is another reason for not having automatable BPM…

Use the automation lane to set the lpc…much easier

this post is relevant to my interests

We’ve kinda solved the “issue” in the IRC channel by using another LFO and triggering the LPC value with the LFO retrigger offset. Since the custom LFO curve is kinda imprecise to edit, i’ve prepared the curve in the automation window first and pasted it into the LFO curve window.

The file is an example on how to set exact LPC values using pattern commands. Maybe useful for someone.