Lfo: More Choices And/or Specify Function

Hi all,

Feature idea: I would love to see more power given to the LFO’s. Specifically, I’d like to be able to use, for example, chaotic functions (e.g., henon, gingerbread, martin fractals) to generate an LFO curve. This could either take the form of adding a few pre-fab choices added to the existing waveforms (sine, etc.) or, probably the easiest to implement and the most flexible, allowing the user to directly input a function in mathematical notation which would generate a curve for the LFO. Given that many chaotic functions use iteration (plugging the output of the last value into the calculation of the next value), it would be great if the feature could allow that.

There is a whole world of musically interesting possibilities between pure randomness and pure determinacy. Chaotic functions, among others, are interesting for their balance of predictability and unpredictability. I’d love to see Renoise being able to tap into that in their LFO’s.

At the very least, I’d like to be able to use fractional noise and random walks to create an LFO curve. Nice balance of predictability and unpredictability there.

formula device?

Brilliant! Didn’t figure out how to iteration with it, if that’s possible, but it works great. Is there another way to use it other than pasting XML? Is it deprecated or something? I’m just concerned about it disappearing in a future Renoise release.

Also just in case you haven’t tried it, for a less technical solution (for those of us that don’t do the maths and scripts) you can daisy-chain-oscillate LFO’s with other LFO’s and create some more complex curves.

not deprecated, it is still alpha, so not official. that is why you need to paste the XML. no idea how it will develop in future releases, but it sure got the community happy so good chance it will stay available in some form. plus, the more people using it and experimenting with it, the better it is tested and the more chance of a solid default implementation eventually.

You can always save it as a DSP Chain yourself and then reload it, rather than pasting in the xml all the time ;)

indeed, but let’s link to this thread in case that will be the next question: https://forum.renoise.com/t/solved-add-to-dsp-chain/33337