Lfo Preset Triggering

Alright all, I just bought this great app and have been having lots of fun but have become stuck trying to find a solution for something. What I am after doing is setting up various LFO shapes to the presets in the LFO device, and triggering them using the pattern effect commands. I noticed for a lot of other parameters for Renoise plugins if you hover over them you get the code for that particular plug/parameter, but I dont get one for the presets. So is it possible to trigger them like this and if so how? Thanks in advance…

Can’t be done.

You would have to have multiple LFOs and toggle their On/Off state via Pattern Commands instead.

Been suggested a lot of times and maybe we’ll see it one day but at the moment that is the only work around I know…

LFOs can be routed to different tracks to that in which they are situated so you could even have a dedicated LFO track next to the one it is affecting, if you found you wanted loads and it was making you main track too cluttered with DSPs. (Bear in mind they can only be routed to Tracks to the Right due to how Renoise processes data.)

Cheers for the response, and yeah seems a shame. Not to worry I will just find some work around in that case :)

that’s the spirit!