Lfo Random Modes

Been looking at the Random/Noise LFO and have though it would be nice if you could choose for it to run in either of two types of operation.

Free Running: In this mode the LFO is constantly changing, so you play a sustained note and you would hear it change throughout. This in itself could have two modes. Stepped, where the new value is taken instantly with a pulse-like edge. Smooth, where it changes via a curse to the new position, kinda like glissando with notes. Could be good for morphing background or weird sci-fi type sounds.

Note On Locked: Is this mode a random value is assigned to the parameters at each Note On event and is held until Note Off. This would be a way for people wanting a humanise function to easily add some movement to parameters, apart from delay, to give slightly varies results to each hit.

Turn LFO frequency to as slow as it goes(far left)
Point a velocity device at the LFO Reset parameter


Granted, We do need smooth noise LFO though. I’ve yet to figure out a workaround for this. Is there intertia on the hydra? I’ll check when I get home.

Ahh that’s cool if it works. Guess it would have to, even though it’ll actually be a pseudo-random sequence it would be silly if the Reset always moved you to the same point in the sequence. How’s it for longer samples? Or only really suitable for drum hits and shorter things?

Yeah and would be nice if it was all obvious in the same device, although work-arounds are obviously usable they are easy to be missed by people.

My workaround is to use the custom LFO shape option and draw a more or less random waveform. Granted, it repeats after a while, but it can be quite a long “while” so in reality it works pretty well, especially if you set the frequency to a value that’s not a multiple of the pattern length. You can save a couple of those “random” waveforms as presets, so you have to draw them only once.