Lfo Reset Usability Confusion

Renoise 2, RC2

I’ve been prodded in the IRC chat room to post on here this thing I discovered to be quite an annoyance, shared by a couple of others too.

I discovered that if you have the button below the volume control for DSP-Sliders -> Automation enabled, it prevents you from entering LFO reset commands using right click of the mouse on the LFO reset button. This might seem normal, but it’s quite abnormal expected behaviour because there is no automation equivalent to reset the LFO (this is what I was told, so [citation required]).

So there was me, sitting there, wondering why the heck everyone else in the IRC channel could enter the command into the column with a mouse click on the reset button, when I could not. Beatslaughter told me about this button, I disabled it, then it worked, now each time I have to reset an LFO I have to disable this DSP slider button and then re-enable it afterwards, right?

If there’s something I’m missing, such as a better way to do this LFO reset, please do document it.


Uh, ok, I suppose you wrote regarding the enable/disable of DSP working regardless of record to automation was some kind of contextual reference.

To be clear on this, I wasn’t talking about the enable/disable button… but the actual reset button for the device, which should work, because it used to in 1.9.1.

Since the record-to-automation was introduced, the ability of the reset button to work via record-to-automation seems to have been forgotten or so it appears.

From what I can tell, there is no logical equivalent in the automation controls, so when one tries to right-click to record an LFO reset, it does nothing, not even revert to putting it into the command column.

It might seem trivial, but it wasted a lot of my time trying to figure out, and it seems erroneous and counter-intuitive with respect to the rest of the controls.