Lfo. Reset.

what if you could reset the lfo every time you turned it on/off (bypass),
this would surely make for some awesome lfo sync effects?

just to clearify i just want to reset the position of the lfo,
not the rate/amount or anything else…

Could this be done?

Theres the LFO reset command x600, or are you talking about something in addition to this?

Just saw it, damn you know sometime you can’t see the obvious things,
right in front of you… guess the rns dev. was one step ahead on that one :)

but lfo sync by ticks would be really nice…with looooooong periods…something like 1024 ticks.

by the way…and negative values is needeed…or what that is called with fancy way, ´decreasing ramping or something…beliueve that you got my point :D

the lfo rate changes w/ your tempo. i think maybe at like 12.5% lfo rate you get one cycle per 4 rows. i use it sometimes to make up for renoise’s low resolution tremolo implementation.

Yes you mean negative modulation, or reversed phase, or whatever…? Nowadays you can only make upsaw LFO while downsaw is also often needed. And LFO (re)triggering with wave offset would also add much much much to toy with :P. Like you could choose where on wave the LFO wave starts. Could be included to LFO reset command, like x600=beginning, x67f=half wave and x6ff=end of wave.

a quick research:
On speed 6:
~0.75%=~80 rows
~1.55%=~40 rows
~3.15%=~20 rows
~6.25%=~10 rows
On speed 3 the rows are doubled. Nor perfectly accurate, but closest you can get (easily, if anyone is interested to make mor accurate research, then be my guest)
You can guess the rest…

E: oh and the values are in HEX