LFO results in silence with an amount of 0

Occasionally when i turn on a samples volume LFO, if i haven’t increased the ‘LFO AMOUNT’ above zero, no audio is heard when playing the sample (occasionally a glitch of samples start is audible).
If i raise the ‘LFO Amount’ sample becomes audible with each half cycle of LFO, as volume is modulated.

It seems when the bug is present, the samples volume level is modulated from zero, rather than it being modulated from its correct volume.


This can only happen when the volume envelope never is bigger that half of the full range (full volume). This is the range of the volume LFO.

I understand that this is hard to understand. Also the LFOs should “modulate”, not “add” volume, but thats more a design fix that we should take care of with a lot of other XRNI improvements…

For the time being ill push up my envelopes :)