LFO retrigger in instrument modulation

In Renoise 3, when creating an LFO in the modulation set inside an instrument, the LFO will always retrigger from the start when triggering a new note. Is it somehow to possible to disable this? For example, Simpler in Ableton Live can disable the retrigger for its LFO, which I prefer for pitch modulation.

connect an lfo device outside of the instrument to a pitch operand

I see. There’s no way to do this entirely within a self-contained instrument?

Ghost notes are the solution :slight_smile:

This is correct in a way, however I am trying to achieve this while jamming live on the keyboard, not just purely inside of the sequencer.

I’ll assume for now that this isn’t possible with the current iteration of the Instrument Editor.

Thanks for your help!

you can always just save the track’s effects chains then just load it, just like it was before 3.0 at some point in the beta you could have instrtument macros in am insytument effects chains , but that was removed