LFO suggestion

a couple suggestion about LFODevice…

  1. need multi-wave LFO to make complex waves. for example 4-components, check out http://tsd.urbankillah.com/temp/lfo.gif . btw, LFOs summing should not be linear like LFO=((lfo1+lfo2+lfo3+lfo4)/4), but LFO=(lfo1+lfo2+lfo3+lfo4)*(1/(lfo_amplitude1+lfo_amplitude2+lfo_amplitude3+lfo_amplitude4))
    i made something similar in reaktor recently http://tsd.urbankillah.com/temp/sw.gif , i’m very happy with result actually.
    for example some saw+sin http://tsd.urbankillah.com/temp/2com.gif

  2. need some sync parameter (kinda button), to reset LFO via some command in tracker

about 1:

such a feature would require a total new section, in my opinion.

something in Reaktor’s style, where you can plug logic ports together.

any ReNoise’s style solution would be messy :(

…and don’t expect Reaktor 4 to do VST DLL exporting…
it won’t and will never do :unsure: :angry: <_< :o :( :blink: :wub: :wacko: -_- :huh: :mellow:

(I think they are all :P )

hmm… i don’t think it would require something THAT much new. just make a good LFO device…

I like the idea and I also dont see why this shouldnt work.

zed :
you can already reset the LFO with the patterncommand Y600 (with Y = device is the Yth Device in the chain)

hmm… thx for the tip

i noticed phaser’s (and might be flanger’s as well, don’t remember atm) internal lfo’s get reset when you’re changing “rate” (freq.), i think it would be nice make it properly (without any reset) like in LFODevice. just a little “bug” fixing…

lol… i just remembered, i mailed to NI a couple of years ago, and asked about exporting to standalone plugins, they replied “it’s imposiblle, but would be cool”, lol, they thought i’m a fool, i’m a coder, i know that’s possible, it’s imposibble for NI to lose some money…

probably it’s me that didn’t get this right:
zed asked for non-linear additive configurable LFO.

how could you implement this using buttons and sliders?

I’ve asked this feature on Reaktor4 forum:
6 people replied “what should I do with VST export? I’m happy with Reaktor in Cubase!”. 2 people replied “yeah cool!”.

The forum moderator, who I assume has something to do with NI, replied quite honestly that this way even who hasn’t bought Reaktor could use it.

I don’t know if a VST DLL can check for a program to exist or for the machine ID or something similar, and I don’t think it can, so probably they are right about preventing VST export

still, users saying that this feature would be useless are dumb :angry: :)

A VST dll is a program, and can do anything that’s possible in any other program. You could even make a word processor or 3d modeller taking midi notes and CC’s as input. Or even vst(i)-games that are played by sequencing or playing notes. It can also read files like any other program. So they could implement their copy protection in all the vst’s… But I don’t expect it to be a simple task, to make a .dll you need a built in compiler in the program…

well, it’s just about formula, nothing actually complicated.

well… reaktor’s forum isn’t best place to search someone who get the sense of vst exporting.
moderator didn’t say anything new as welll, maybe one day NI will understand that vst exporting isn’t thier death at all.

everything is possible, the questions are how hard to do this, and how effective that would work.

they are NI’s ass lickers.