Lfo Waveform Preset Command And Preset-Specific Presets

Found no thread on this:

It would be cool to change LFO waveform presets with pattern commands. Combined with device-preset -specific waveform presets and automatable preset changes LFO could become monster morphing tool. Or even more mosterous.

Total fail. No-one even disagrees. :(

I so much want to do different rythmic patterns in LFO and switch between them with pattern commands. Why not?

Or is this “old”?

I think people use different LFO’s for this

I know that. I see that more like a workaround to missing functionality. Imagine I want four different gates for pad sound plus couple of variations and fills for transitions. The chain is crowded with LFO’s! Plus, I have no custom naming scheme for DSP’s. Finding the right LFO for specific task becomes timesome. Plus, there is no minimizing them, I need to identify them according to pattern.

This is why I think the this solution, albeit working, is not the most elegant one. One more reason for this is that I could preprogram gates, slides, waves and such and have variations of them as waveform presets. Six presets for all LFO’s is a bit too little.

indeed the ability to rename DSP’s is high on my wishlist too.