Libertarianism And Socialism

ok, not trying to put words in your mouth.

You said: “Problem with giving power back to the people is; Most people are dumb.”
who do you mean with “most people”? (apart from people with disabilties who can’t take care of themselves)
or with the “some people who need to be controlled” ?

I’d say MOST people…quite simply.
If you look at what is popular, you’ll see what i mean.
When someone says, “wow, that’s incredible! but it needs to be simpler if it’s gonna be marketed”…
SOME people need the control of a government to discern between what is right and wrong. Or in contrast, what they are capable of. I am generalising, viewing the bellcurve.

This is an arguement against any specific political stance…
I’ve already stated what i think, but by answering your questions i appear to be believing in my arguements as the right path. Which i’m not. I am playing devils advocate.
or Socrates ^_^

and you belong to the enlightened ones, i guess? :P

come onnnnn…your provoking me :dribble:

oh no not at all, just using the Socratic Method . . . ;)

Haha i know :rolleyes:

There are problems on both sides to be sure. I should say though, socialism is less about protecting the weak, and more about evening the playing field so that everyone has a stable foundation to work from. Give everyone the same rights to healthcare and education… so not only the rich can afford such things, but the poor can too… and those autistic geniuses that would have become deadbeat addicts had they never gotten the proper opportunity can now become of great benefit to society… and those uneducated CEOs that do nothing all day, but still rake in the cash, will instead be forced to make similar wages to the rest of the people putting forth the same amount of effort as them. Granted, management is important… but no more important than the laborers.

Libertarianism’s cry of “BUT… PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!!!” is the same thing capitalism has been pushing for ages now. Libertarians often cite civic participation and charitable donations as ways to give the underprivileged a chance at greatness… but you don’t need a libertarian society to test whether or not those things work… all you have to do is look at any slum in any capitalist society to realize they don’t work. The most charitable people are often those who have the least money… and those with the most money are often not very charitable. This is the very reason for the age-old class divide.