Licence Question

So I just purchased a single user license/registered version of 2.0 and I plan on running on my mac at work and linux box at home. I’m trying to be on the level in regards to not breaking license agreement so just making sure this is cool. No matter what though I do plan on purchasing a new laptop soon so this could potentially add a new (third) computer to the mix. Is all of this ok…if not, how so? I want to be in compliance so please let me know. Love the program and am glad to support those that make it happen. : )

Pay for as many licenses you can afford too . The guys who make this program deserves it , cause they will improve the program. All respect to the renoise team !!!

i got nothing but respect. the thing that throws me is that the licenses are user licenses. I will be the only user but I plan on using the program on at least 3 computers. I actually read the agreement (prolly the first i ever did so in my life lol) and I want to be in compliance. I noticed it only mentioned two computers.

the license is personal. I think that the agreement talks about a generic “second computer”, meaning “any other computer”. Anyway, as long as you are the only user, there will be no problems: no one will complain about this, be assured.

Any computer you personally use is fine. Just don’t be a jerk about it.

Here’s what NOT TO DO:

  • Personally using a computer an an internet café, then leaving your copy there. (NO!)
  • Your work computer is networked, your co-worker puts your copy in a P2P on your behalf (NO!)
  • You are the CEO of a company, and technically the 1000 computers on your network are yours (NO!)
  • A hacker steals your copy, warez it (NO! YOUR NEGLET, YOUR FAULT)

Be sincere, be vigilant, and you will not be breaking any agreement.

I am absolutely trying to be sincere and support the team by not breaking the agreement. This is why for the first time in my life I read a licence agreement…because I wanted to make sure I will comply. Its the reason I posted in the first place. I’ve been doing open source for so long I’m just trying to make sure I follow the rules.
I will be the only user period on any of the machines. As far as my work computer…my co-workers are clueless so thats not a problem plus its not connected to the intra-net.

Been programming old school beats all day and lovering every second of it. Anything I can do to support this team/software I will do.

For the upcoming five years just enjoy the upgrade ride.
(Estimate based upon historical data of Renoise development)

Though its not a bad thing if you show them Renoise :)

I have yet to see a music application being used effortwise through VNC (besides abusing the file-transfer connection to download the personal copy)

Just out of interest, if we spot versions of renoise being touted for illicit p2p download, is it worth telling you about it or not?

i truly appreciate the responses. I am and will be the only user of my reg. copy of Renoise. Most people think im hacking the frickin matrix when they see me running Renoise (all those letters and numbers falling from the top of the screen lol) suffice to say even if i let em use it they would have neither the inclination nor desire to learn. All my producer friends are way to elitist to even touch it. They’ve already dropped hundreds of $$ on Ableton or whatever…how could a little independently run app even touch that? lol they are clueless and I can count on one hand the amount of tracks they’ve ever actually produced Though I did get my friend to start using the demo. He might register to get his hands on the sample pack haha.

The samplepack is quite tight and nicely mastered.