License Agreement update - please read

This is updated part of license agreement:


You are allowed to publish and claim ownership to your own creations (i.e. songs) you created using evaluation or registered version of THE SOFTWARE. However, any profit from such creations in any form (i.e. original song format or derivative format - audio CDs, vinyl’s, audiotapes, MP3 or similar) either by you, either by third party (i.e. record company) is strictly prohibited unless you own license of THE SOFTWARE registered with THE AUTHORS.

You are allowed to publish only creations that are entirely your own work and not derivation from THE SOFTWARE material (i.e. demo songs). If all these terms are met you are not obliged to pay any royalties to THE AUTHORS. THE AUTHORS reserve the right to use the information about your published works as promotion material for THE SOFTWARE. You are not obliged to notify (*) THE AUTHORS about publishing your own works providing the conditions above are met.

(*) Your own promotion on THE SOFTWARE web site may be in your and THE AUTHORS interest, therefore notifying THE AUTHORS is suggested, though, not required.

This is effective NOW including all released Renoise versions because of:

“Additionally THE AUTHORS reserve the right to change in part or full this license agreement if they conclude it does not fulfill expectations regarding legal protection of THE SOFTWARE. In this case later license agreement completely supersedes this one.”

We wouldn’t notice this flaw if there wasn’t you users. Thanks!

okay… no problem… but just a question?

how will anyone prove when i supply a dat or wav file to the studio, that i used renoise?

i can run a sampler in the background recording what renoise outputs?

so i have no clue why it would be put in?

not that i have a problem with because i am getting reniose as a present for christmas!.. (i think i am the first person who gets renoise as a present from his girlfriend)


second part forbids selling derivative works i.e. Renoise demo songs remixes. I hope it is more clear now. About that first sentence you are right, it is a license and not owning so i modified this now to be more correct.

tyrone: this is legal stuff, you may use it this way maybe but you are not allowed and we have a right to take action against you. license agreements are not because you can or cannot do something but to clearly show what is legal and permitted by the authors and what is not.

i could write it shorter: “you are allowed to sell your own songs, and not ours, and you are not allowed to sell songs if you didn’t register”. this is simpler but doesn’t cover all details.

anyway this was just a notification of update of this so you don’t have to be so cranky about it just for us keeping you informed :)

hmmm… guys…
what about adding a string like this:
“If you are not registered user you can listen your songs only by yourself and not at full volume”.
Renoise is just an instrument and what I’ll do with it is clearly mine. In fact, you said this: “You cannot sell the piano notes without buying the piano”. Sounds quite foolish, isn’t it? <_<

yeh, sounds silly a bit… but any of license agreements has some silly sounded lines…
about renoise i can say if some one do some money with renoise he will buy the full version anyway. and the point of these lines is the authors ain’t indifferent to renoise, if they don’t want to say “download and do what you want, we don’t care” then they have to write out the full license agreement.

okay no pro bro. it was not ment so bring it over as a cranky remark.

just a question in a large sentence why? and you perfectly explained that in the simpel short version. and also as i said i agree to it ;) not just because i am getting renoise as a present from my girlfriend.



Hmm… I have a friend who makes money using Impulse Tracker… He actually asked me if I could get the cracked version of the software for him! Can you believe it? People are cheap, sad world… :(

Ah well, guess the guys who use cracked software simply doesn’t print “WE USE RENOISE” in their cd-cover then. If they’re smart anyway…

Heh, and simply put we could say: “Sceners, go abide your buisness, pro musicians, beware!” B)