Life From A Synthesist's Point Of View

i was having an interesting conversation today with someone about why i keep my mind clear of all thought until i want to do something.

i summarized my reasoning in the following description:

To me, life is just a white noise waveform. if you zoom in enough, you’ll see the highs and lows, and all the inbetweens. each part equally represented throughout. zoom out and you’ll see that all these tiny little parts, no matter what they are, just add up to the same big waveform for everyone. just a block of static. Then sometimes inspiration hits and i get the urge to do. i filter out all those frequencies i dont want, filter out whatever i dont want to process, and carve out a nice sound for your brain to hear. thats when the thinking occurs. then i’m able to filter out the important information out of this white noise. my autobiography, is whitenoise, playing the exact length of my life.


To me, life is a single blip in an eternal sea of nothingness


Life is raw oscillation in need of saturation; equalize and maximize

when you zoom in procedural white noise, the only thing you’ll find is: more white noise.
the white noise of the universe has an infinite resolution.
it’s not like on the tv set, when you get your face close to the screen you’ll see the white and black dots getting bigger or even spaces inbetween. Otherwise OVERSIMPLIFICATION FAIL

That is a brilliant oneliner! :yeah:

I often wonder how many Benoît B. Mandelbrots were inside Benoît B. Mandelbrot’s head

i live in a digital world. there is only there or not there. there is a resolution, we’re just not zooming iin enough

Life is nothing what you can write about ;)

Sorry to tell you, but you live in an analog world. Binary is a short term sollution… something we’ve come up with to deal with the current limitations of electronic circuits. It won’t be long before we break past these limitations and have access to a much more organic method of computing. At that point, your matrix-like delusions will collapse under the advance of technology.

optronics* use the whole spectrum as the new limitation.

the arent delusions when you find out we ARE actually living in the matrix :P

Everything in life has a quanta it can’t be broken down to smaller or zoomed in closer. The only way to get bigger resolution is to make it BIGGER.

When I see the scientific evidence, I might be swayed.

one can balance between the left and right hemispheres for a more actual view of perception. being lopsided, is well lopsided.…of_the_research

the matrix has you! :D

Keanu Reeves isnt enough scientific evidence?

okay, seriously, forget scientific evidence. scientific evidence is like a book written back before the mideval days, continually fucked with. scientific evidence is like shakespere; old, outdated and mostly just used for reference. not to mention science journalists who release faux discoveries every chance they get, so they can get ad revenue.

numbero uno, science as it has and currently stands is full of greedy, stingy, wannabe gods, misnomers that will stop at nothing to put their names on shit they could hardly ever comprehend in their own lifetime! only to be succeeded by some other dick who wants to put his name on the shit he barely comprehends and on and on and on and on. notice I didn’t include she cuz of course she is always stepped on.

from all this misunderstanding they create fundamentally flawed designs, which in turn become the standard & new commodities based on these flawed conceptions.

just felt it was necessary to add light to the current prevailing level of debauchery contained within science.
so yeh, science has helped us in many ways, while misunderstanding most of reality in the largest scope. that is why science is a bridge built of twigs and at least a couple berries.