Limit (Dark/Atmospheric)

I should, of course, be finishing all the songs I started and couldn’t finish because I wanted new bass strings. So obviously I had to just make a new track from scratch instead.

All in Renoise, several VSTs used but no Rewire this time.

Great sound! Drums and bassline sound deeply, producing vibes inside. The piano sound is filled with subtle melancholy; background strings complete main theme. The sound literally breathes, and drums and bass resemble throbbing heart! Great track.

Enjoyed it. Cool cinematic ambience. It does breathe but not in a very good way imo. I mean I didn’t particularly enjoy the over-compressed sound. Other than that, nice work.

I’m sorry, but I have to agree with emre_k. The breathing was a bit too aggressive to my ears, and while I enjoyed the general composition I found the aural movement to be more like an assault on my ears.