Line 6 Pod + Computer + Guitar = Killersound

(’ :ph34r:')

I have been wanting a small sized solution for guitar vs my computer. However, I have ended up using michrophone in front of my guitar-amp every recording because all of the digital guitar-solutions have been too flat and lifeless.

Found out just now that Line 6´s PODs are very cheap (I bought mine new for 190 Euro) and offer pretty good sound. It emulates several high-class amps from Marshall, Fender, etc. Of course you will not have the sound of a real Marshhall-rigg out from your hi-fi speakers, but recorded, and out from PA systems, it sounds pretty nice, and has little of the warmth of a real tube-amp. You can just plug directly into your computer and also PA or whatever. I did one gig through the computer, no souncheck needed (almost) as I had pre-set everything in my studio. Got an unwanted feedback once during the set, which I believe was because of my guitar-picup, but I am not sure…

Here are two test recordings, progressive chip-metal of course :) :…pty_podtest.mp3…eat_podtest.mp3

Personally I think the guitar is much more massive now than what I have managed to do earlier. Take it under consideration that these tracks are not mastered. Also, these two tracks are meant for Renoise users only (the song Empty is even scheduled for our next release), so please don´t spread.


Oh, please fill me in if you have comments on the tracks either audiowise, or on the compositions. Yeah, and also fill me in if this Pod-thing was friggin old news to you guyes, hehe.

You got realy nice sound in those tracks. I own a Guitarport myself (I guess that was wat you used?) and it indeed give you good guitar recordings. Havn’t used it inside renoise yet, but I will when the new version gets out (with realtime recording :yeah: )

Realy nice tests :)

Thanks man! There are actually two guitars (panned to each side) recorded to make the soundscape richer. And with different EQ and amp-setup. Learned that from some metal-dudes :) But I guess this is a known trick for guitarplayers in general.

WOW!!! Does the next version come with realtime recording? That will make the process much easier.

Would be cool to hear you stuff, have you uploaded here?

Do you guys dub the guitartrack across two sides or does the pod-device create some specific aural environment that makes a single guitarstroke sound in a specific impactive stereo way?

I always suspected that the tracks are dubbed and panned separately, but never knew for sure.
How did you EQ’d your guitartracks before you used that pod?

I often use stereo simulator if just finished with the tracker and I want listen to how it sounds in a mix. And usally these versons are kept untill a release.

For our last release “Electric Violence” I played three guitars (mostly two or one at the same time). Two were played with michrophone + amp-in-the-closet-in-the-hall, and one was with a not too good digital box called Zoom III.

The testsong “Empty” has two different distortions on each side. I did this to test if there were some immediate audible qualities, but guess I have to test more to achieve a this new “spell”. It does simulate two guitarists though.

With POD 2.0 I had to increase treble in Cubase in order to have an open AND heavy sound. Other than this raised the high middle on one of the channels to get a more “evil” touch :) If you go for michrophone, be sure to use a good one (Shure SM57 or something), and spend some time tuning the amp so you have less to do after the recording, unless you do synth-guitar stuff (ah I want to do that). :ph34r:

Edit: Blax is a cool song! Reminds me little of amiga demoscene for some reason, sweet! You have crisp and clear guitarsound, sounds really nice.