Line-out Device

Can developers create this machine? I think it’s very easy for creation, and I need it some times. Maybe it can be added in next beta 2.0 release?

P.S. And if it will be created I hope it will have volume and panning for output audio as we have in Line-In Device.

I need this device for send several audio data with different volume and panning to several asio audio channels. Of course I can do this throght several send chanels, but it is not comfortable decision. Line-out device is better for this.

Do you know you can Route every independend track to any ASIO output you want?

In the track DSP tab, select the track you want to route and select your desired ASIO output in the list next to “routing”.

Dr. Drips I think you don’t understand me. I need several outputs in one Renoise channel. With different volume and panning for every output. Renoise can’t do this in present time.

Yes it can…

Conner_Bw No it can’t. No_sends from only one channel.
I say before about your method:

please enligthen me, why is it so difficult to do with send channels ?

Line-Out Device is more easy decision. And I expect this device is easy for programming. And Line-In(Out) Device have personal panning option, and send device is not have personal panning option. But panning is important for sends in some situations. And I don’t like practically unused sends on “track scopes” and I don’t like practically unused send channels which used only for output audio to some asio channel. It’s enough for your enligthen codec?

so, bascially, send would work (I’m quite sure there is an internal dps for panning that could be added to the send track). But no, i cant say your reasons enlighten me, sure might be a bit more easy and convinient, but still nothing that can be worked around quite easily (unless i missed something)

Well, there is one thing where sends do not really work, but a LineOut device would (Pysj suggested this a while ago):

If you want to use an external Hardware FX (a Reverb for example) in Renoise, you could send audio at any position in the FX chain to a LineOutDevice which feeds the external FX, then place a LiveInDevice right behind the LineOutDevice to feed the input back into the chain/Renoise.

now that would be sweet to have :yeah:

ah, yeah, that would be neat indeed :)

TaKtik Glad to read your positive reply. :)

BTW, If one day Renoise will have Route Device which can send audio to every input of every vst(i) which have multiple inputs and which used in rns project, it will great day. :) I hope so, this day is coming soon… :)

If I need made sends with different panning from several channels, I can’t use panning option in one send channel. And need personal send & send channel for every sends. It’s not comfortable. I don’t like many unused send channels this is not practical. Sends from one channel is more suitable.

I’m sorry, i do not understand.


OK, try to understand example.

  1. We have several instrumets chanels routed to several asio channels. For sending to external hardware (or software) processing.
  2. We need panning option for every send.
  3. If we try to make it with sends and if we have 10 instruments sended to 10 asio channels (every instrument to all 10 asio chanels), we need 10x10=100 send channels. This is extremely not comfortable situation for song edit. For processing 10 channels we need 100 send chanels. LOL And I hope you understand 10 instruments it’s example and not a limit…
  4. If we have Line Out device, we need only instrument channels, and not need many send chanels…

Understand? :)

Basically just an auxiliary…
That would be a nice addition indeed.

Yips, so it might be the better (the more obvious) choice to have a device which sends and receives in one step, instead of having to add a linein and a lineout device. Also this device could then take care of the delays for PDC that are introduced by this routing.

Don’t know about another peoples but I don’t need in this. Becose In my situation sound is not return to Renoise. But if return can be a disabled option, all users will be happy.

P.S. And I need keep source (audio) for this Device.