Linear Vs Cycling Pattern Editing

Hi guys,

I’m probably one of the most happy Renoise users with Version 2.8 but one thing still bugs me: It is not possible to go straight to the next row (next pattern in sequence) if you are at the end (last row) of a pattern and vice versa. The editor cycles through the current pattern and will put you back to the first row if you enter something at the last one. This comes from Sound/Protracker if I’m right and there might be some reason why this makes sense. But if you have a note at the last row of a pattern and you just want a note off after it you have to do this: 1. Go to the next pattern 2. Go to the top of it. 3. Enter Note Off 4. Go back to previous pattern 5. Go back to you original position

In a linear pattern-after-pattern approach you would do this 1. Go down 2. Enter Note Off 3. Go back

Much easier! Another issue with the cycling is that if you are at the top of a pattern and you go up, which in the tracker concept means “back in time” it beams you to the end of the pattern which obviously is “in the future”. This little exception from the otherwise very consistent tracker behavior can be highly confusing. I’m into trackers since 1992 and I’m still getting confused from that.

So I’m suggesting a way to switch between these two modes. Maybe a “Cycling Editor Mode” checkbox in the GUI Preferences?


Do you mean ‘Pattern Wrap Mode’ in the pattern editor control bar (link)?

Second icon from the left. Disable this to have linear pattern editing.

YESSSSS, Thanks!

I still wish there was a way to set this to NOT loop around while editing patterns, period.

Many times I am editing a pattern and do NOT want to wrap to the top, or next pattern… say I’m deleting effects or notes, sometimes with edit step… i hold delete, but oh shit it wrapped before I released the delete key… undo undo…

or sometimes i’m making a block selection with my kb… it wraps up to the top instead of stop at the bottom of the pattern.

To be blunt this is annoying as fucking hell. Ok that’s my subjective opinion :)

I started a thread on it and it seemed there was going to be something done about it (three state toggle button) but I don’t see it in the new renoise demo, oh well.

Besides the pattern wrap options you can also set up a kb shortcut to go to the next pattern.
I have it set up so ctrl+arrow down jumps in the same position of the next pattern, ctrl+up arrow jumps to the same positon in the previous track.
by default “home” goes to the first line, “end” goes to the last line. I have this set to alt+up / alt+down

So if I were at the bottom of a pattern and wanted to put a note off on the first tick of the next pattern I’d just hit ctrl+arrow down, alt+arrow up. boom. there you go.