Linked Automation/trackfx

I have seen various requests for either Automation -> Track FX conversions, or vice versa. Also, There has been talk of extended interface control for automation–ie. using the keyboard. I haven’t fully thought out the idea but this is the basic concept:

  • On any Automation envelope x, there is a toggle button called “Link to TrackFX”

  • When toggled, a new “virtual” trackFX column is created–this column affects only Automation x, and so can have a width of 2 digits.

  • Any value entered into the trackFX shows up as a new point on the Automation envelope, and any point added to the automation envelope shows up as a value on the trackFX column. (Hence the term “Linked”)

  • Graphically, some kind of color shading to indicate that the TrackFX column is a linked column would be nice; also, it would help indicate that the value is changing continuously between points (if in Curve/Line mode).

If this is all confusing, let me know and I will try to draw a rough sketch : )