Linux And Renoise2: Midi Master Sychro Crazy Bpm

Hi to the great team! :guitar:

I need your help:

I want to synchro Renoise2 as midi master with a Boss RC50 looper.
I’m using jack server, and an Edirol FA-101 firewire audio sound card.
The BPM on the looper gives me crazy fluctuations in song or pattern mode…
I have tried to change the midi clock master offset, with no good result.

Also, I have tried to synchro directly my looper with a Roland MC-505 as midi master,
and the looper gives me a near perfect BPM…

I can say that Renoise1.9 gives me better result than Renoise2, but still not enought perfect…

Please, help me!!


Wasn’t there setting somewhere like “Hardware MIDI devices/Software MIDI devices” which makes renoise compensate for buffer sizes and stuff like that?

thanxs for the reply!

Where do you mean? Inside Renoise?