Linux: convolver produces jack xruns

Hi folks,
when using convolver with long impulses and in stereo mode it produces a lot of xruns. When loaded with short ones (basement) or/and in mono mode it works fine. Any ideas? All other native FXs work as a charm.

I suspect just system limitations or limitations of the audio buffer?
If you raise the audio buffers, does the problem disappear?

Changing from 128 to 256 frames fixed the issue, but putting more convolvers into the song produces xruns. CPU load in a test song is 30%.

Then it seems purely a buffer issue, i’m not sure this can be circumvented though, if you have a large wave-file that is used to process your audio, it requires buffer space in which it has to fit. I’m not sure if segmented processing of the IR file (which would reuiqre less space) would be possible without artifacts.