linux: Crytal vst question.

Hi im using Renoise on Ubuntu 12-04 (64 bit) and obviously the vst-bridge to have compatability with windows vst/(i)… i have got most or perhaps all vst that i have tried so far to work, but 1 of my favs is Crystal which will not load no matter which settings i choose.

It would be great to know if anyone has has any success making this great synth work within Renoise… thanks

Just tried it with dssi-vst and it works great. Did you try the 32bit version of the plugin?
Does dssi-vst not work for you or why are you using vst-bridge?

I have just found that i was using an old version of Crystal it was 2.4.8 i upgraded to 2.5 and am now the proud owner of a working 64 bit Crystall vst in Renoise.
I didnt try dsi-vst mostly because of on my other linux box it causes me a few problems with all my other audio apps and iirc it conflicts with some lib that i depend on, another point i remember was that it would not run dblues glitch but i guess thats because dssi-vst is not set up to consider audioMasterSetTime or GetTime from the vstdk in other words it knows nothing about hosts tempo. ( i only know these things as i was testing LMMS, when a dev was interested in my problem of host sync as glitch was just free rolling, but he fixed that in the vetige[branched from FST or FeSTige] code iirc)