Linux Demo Version - Music Sound Jerky

I’m trying renoise on my Apple MacBook Pro (17", core duo 2,1GHz 2Gb RAM) running GNU/Linux Ubuntu Hardy Heron.
With many sound software, all is ok but with renoise, the sound is a little jerky.
I’ve tried with all the demo sound and on some downloaded from the renoise website.
Tried with alsa (with/withot tweaking in the pref) and with jack. With jack, music is more jerky.
I’ve tried with root privilege and in renoise only session but it’s always the same.

For now, i’m compiling the kernel just in case there is something wrong with ubuntu.

For info, the cpu % is never more than 20% and the red sync led blink permanently.

PS: sorry for my bad english, i’m french.


Thanks very much.
I’ll try that soon.


Same problem with realtime kernel.
May i need to compile an optimized one for my laptop ?

since you have a laptop, there are chances that you have the plain standard HDA/Intel onboad soundchip.

other users (amongst them is me) have found that using Renoise through JACK and setting periods to 3 greatly improves performances with HDA/Intel soundcards.

if you haven’t done it yet, install QJackCtl by typing:
sudo apt-get install qjackctl

open qjackctl form the
Applications => Multimedia => JACK Control
menu, then go into the Setup menu and change
Period / Buffer
from 2 to 3.

now open Renoise, configure it to start with JACK and see if there is any improvement.

Ok that work now.

Thanks very much

Yeah. I find that in linux, you must use Renoise with Jack + realtime kernel in order to get smooth sound.

Otherwise, I get high cpu usage and apart from playing the most basic samples, the audio will skip and be unusable (the gui is also jerky when not using jack). With jack and everything setup, it’s much better.