Linux: dropping notes on plugins playing chords

Renoise 3.2.1 x64 on Linux Mint 19.3 using JACK. Still getting dropped notes when the same track is playing several notes with a VST/DSSI/etc. plugin. Randomizing the note delays seems to “help” reduce the number of notes dropped, but still not a perfect workaround.

Plugins can, unlike samples, not be triggered from multiple tracks at the same time unless you are using plug in aliases for multitimbral plugins. See for details please.

So of you need to play a plugin on multiple tracks at once, create multiple instances of the plugin. One for each track.

If this is not the problem, let us know what exactly you try to do please.

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I meant several notes on the same track. If i need the same sound on multiple tracks, i use a different instance of the plugin like you explained.

I’m doing this:


I think what taktik is getting at delt is to try and be more specific here. You say using JACK, does it drop notes using ALSA? Is there a particular plugin or does it do it with all plugins (some example names?) Preferably a simple XRNS that on your system drops notes, maybe someone can recreate it on their setup.

It must be jack related something with the settings why don’t you try alsa and tell us if you have the same problem.Also post your jack settings here