Linux: GNOME 3.12 & Renoise - Menus not showing up

GNOME recently released the latest version (3.12) of their popular open source desktop environment. I’ve tested it on arch linux for a few days and it’s been working great apart from a major issue with renoise.

The problem is none of the ‘pop-up’ (in lack of a better term) windows, like File/Edit/… menus and Model selection dialog in Filter DSP, display/work when clicked. Some of these seem to work even though they are not displayed, for example I can click the File menu and then click right underneath it and it makes Renoise open a new song, but the filter model dialog seems to be completely unusable.

Everything worked in gnome 3.10 and I tried that they still work on openbox, so this is obviously related to the gnome upgrade. However I haven’t seen any similar issues in any other applications (I tried blender for example which uses opengl for the GUI just like renoise if I’m not mistaken), so I was wondering if it was possible that the implementation of these windows in renoise isn’t up with latest standards or ideal in some other way.

In either case, I’m not sure how happy the GNOME devs would be about helping with this issue as renoise is closed source and there’s probably no way of knowing how the pop-up windows are implemented and they probably got some more widespread issues to work on at this point. So I was hoping if any of the renoise devs could help with this, although you probably got some more serious issues to work on as well…

Also it would be cool to know if anyone else has this issue in gnome 3.12, so it’s not just my system + a heads up if you’re planning an upgrade.

I’m running 64bit renoise on 64bit arch linux. The issue exists on both 2.8 and 3.0rc1

Is GNOME 3.12 still using Mutter as default window manager? Which version is it?

We’re not doing something really special here. Those windows are override_redirect’ed, hinted with _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_MENU, InputHint=false, with a bit of transparency via _NET_WM_WINDOW_OPACITY and XSetTransientForHint set to their parent window.

Will try to get my hands on the latest mutter to see if I can replicate this. Mutter devs probably can “see” more here than we can, even when Renoise is closed source.

Yep, still mutter, version 3.12.0

Thanks for the prompt reply, I’ll try to get in touch with mutter devs when I got the time :)

Looks like I found the commit that causes this for mutter. I reverted that patch and menus etc. are working again.

I will report the bug later for mutter, so this will hopefully be fixed in future releases.
thanks again taktik for your help.

EDIT. I never got around to reporting the bug, but it seems this issue got fixed in git already, and should be included in mutter-3.12.1 if I’m not mistaken