Linux Hi-DPI UI Scaling

Just picked up a new laptop with a 3200x1800 screen, and Renoise is unusably small on it. Have there been any updates about Renoise’s hi-dpi support?

Have there been any updates

We do understand that these displays are becoming more common, and that better support for them is needed in Renoise, but we currently have no ETA to offer.

As a stop-gap, would it be possible to offer a basic 2x scaling setting somewhere? I haven’t used Renoise on a retina Macbook, but whatever you’re doing over there could perhaps be ported (unless you’re rendering into a GL view and just not settingsetWantsBestResolutionOpenGLSurface, I guess).

I don’t really care whether it looks as beautiful as native 2x rendering would allow (at least, not in the beginning), I’d just like to be able to make some tracks.