Linux: Installer improvement suggestions

I don’t know if this topic is the right place to post , but I have some ideas about the installer. And because it’s still b2 version, maybe now is the best time.

first thing : the script requiers you to be root to install .

That is totally not good. sudo is much better . So could you please add the feature so it detects if sudo is installed ( which sudo ) and use that .

second thing : the path is hardcoded in the script where to install renoise ( /usr/local )

Please add some optioin like

if $1 == ‘’ ;then
print “please add installtion path to the when executing”


etc etc …

There are a lot more elegant options then this … but you get my grip :)

it should actually be possible to just run the script via “sudo ./”. where is the problem? s_s
(try “sudo id -u”, it should give you “0”. so you should be able to run the script…)

also sudo is normally (ie on ubuntu) just the same as running a command as root. but that’s not always like this. that depends on the configuration file /etc/sudoers. now i think that could be configured in a way that a dude who runs sudo couldn’t actually acces (write acces that is) all directories he wants to. so even if sudo was installed it wouldn’t be guaranteed root acces.

and what’s there to moan about /usr/local as an installation dir? >_>
that’s pretty much where it’s supposed to be. if you don’t want it there, get root-priviliges and move it to whereever you want. but following the FHS, there isn’t actually so much wrong about putting the renoise folder somewhere into /usr/local. or did i miss something?

edit: s/should actually possible/should actually be possible/ <_<

I couldn’t agree more. No one wants a script to automatically ask for root user privileges.

You’re basically right but optionally defining a different installation prefix is always nice, especially if you’re using tools like stow to gain more control over your locally installed software packages.

Seems we should make this more clear in the installers error message.

Changed “Sorry, must be root” to “‘’ must be run as root (or via sudo)…”


I think in future .deb and .rpm packages should be available together with the default installer. That fixes most of the problems. Only this requires some changes in the backstage builder. But shouldn’t be too hard as both deb and rpm packages can be built with single command.