Linux - Jack input / output devices?

Hello, it’s been a while since i posted here!

I’m using Renoise in Linux with Jack audio, and i was wondering if it was possible to create a “loop” within a device chain, that i could connect to another process/device and then retrieve the output from renoise by connecting to the output of that process somehow.

Would this be possible with (1) jack, or (2) alsa?

Thanks for any advice guys!

Yes, it is possible with Jack!

First you need to go to the settings/preferences, audio, if you have jack running you can config how many in/out channels you want, up to 64 each.

To loop audio out of renoise, you need to output a track (or send) to a channel pair. In the mixer there should be a drop down menu at the bottom (it can be enabled/disabled with the lowest icon to the far right of the mixer tab, which looks like an arrow to a dot "–>o "). This is normally set to “Master” routing each track to the Master channel, and the master to outputs 0/1. You can route any channel to such an output, it will be directed to the jack ports of renoise.

To loop audio back in, you need the “#line input” device somewhere in a track. You select the input channel pair, which will also correspond to jack channels, and it will insert the audio.

Not sure about latency implications right now, so if a backlink will add a buffer period of latency or not.

Hope that helps.