Linux midi out help - skips

Hi all

I’ve recently migrated to Linux and Renoise. Loving the Renoise workflow!

But I have just noticed that I am unable to send out a steady midi sequence to my hardware synths.

A simple 8th note sequence sent out of my USB soundcard midi skips and cannot play back steadily.

I’m using Jack with Alsa midi. Buffer size is set high, but makes no difference.

Any Linux guru’s here have any suggestions?

what do you mean ‘hardware’ synths? Like euro? just a straight up synth?


Both actually, but I’m not sure how that matters?

If you use Jack you need a Jack Midi to Alsa bridge like a2jmidid.

To use your hardware Midi outs run a2jmidid with the -e option.

Check this:

You can automatically start and stop a2jmidi with qjackctl on the Option tab:

Script after start: a2jmidid -e &

Script after stop: killall a2jmidid &