Linux: MIDI port names

There also seems to be problem with duplicate port names. For example both Ardour and Renoise have port named “control”, so it shows only the Renoise one. The correct way would be to display: “clientname: portname”, like “Ardour: control”, “Renoise: control”.

Maybe this got fixed with this bug already, reporting just in case.

As the portnames in most cases already include the clientnames (is that correct?), we’ve solved this by creating unique portnames manually in such cases: so “Renoise: control” will be “control”, “Ardour: control” will show up as “control #2”.

But if its common to include the client name, we should do this as well…

Actually it’s not preferred to put the client name in port name. Although it is common.

Most programs show the ports and clients as a tree or directory stucture:

On this picture you can see there is “Hydrogen MIDI-In” port. But many programs don’t use it. And have just “Midi-In”. In QJackCtl it is not a problem, as all of those things are in the client directory.

I am adding the client name now, for the case that the portname doesnt start with the clientname. This should make everyone happy and keep the names short and readable.

For example:

Client / PortName -> Renoise Device Name

MIDI Through / MIDI Through Port-0 -> MIDI Through Port-0
Muse / Schmuse Port -> Muse: Schmuse Port


It’s scaringly advanced. But that will most definitely work. :)