Linux On Laptop

I’m interested in using a laptop for Renoise. Per this…ippled-laptops/

I see that some laptops (in particular the Lenova Thinkpads are “crippled” Any ideas regarding a solid laptop for running Renoise on linux os.


I skimmed the article you link to and see the problem, but I think that maybe it is not so bad after all. The built in soundcard in laptops is often not very good to say the least. You cannot use dynamic Mics and there is nopreamp for headphones.

If you want to do decent recordings so the best thing to do is to buy a good soundcard, and for a laptop I
would think this means an external one. I do not know of any quality laptop soundcards that are not external via. either USB or firewire.

I have a Lenovo 3000 v100 laptop and run Debian etch and renoise with no problems other than the fact that the HDA soundcard is not the best. I have problems with the soundcard when I play tunes loudly, or when there are some very deep frequencies, - the sound distorts and crackes somewhat in my headphones.

I am told that this would be fixed if I get a hold of a proper soundcard with a decent headphone preamp.

But then again I guess you were worried about the quality of recordings on a laptop running linux, and I have no experience with this…

Yeah, I haven’t seen a laptop with decent soundcard. Buy an external FW/USB card and you are just fine. :)