Linux: Problems With Libhybridreverb2Vst

I’m running linux, and have been using the HybridReverb2 convolution reverb. The sound is very good for when the buildin reverbs aren’t enough (long, dreamy reverbs with natural, non-digital tail), but it’s causing me som trouble:

  1. It makes renoise stutter mostly when I stop renoise or sometimes when I enter a part of the song where nothing is send to the reverb. This made me thing “denormals”, so I tried a poor-mans-test: send white noise through the reverb at all times, but that didn’t seem to help (the stop problem shouldn’t be remdied byt this, since the white noise is stopped when renoise is stopped).

  2. I downloaded the additional impulse responses, and although I select preset 55 (church, 8m front) the vst loads preset 40 when I load the track again.

My computer is a 2gHz dualcore Pentium laptop, running ubuntu on stock kernel over jack at 128 frames/buffer (8ms latency) through an edirol FA66 firewire interface. I’m running the native linux version of renoise and the reverb. Although the convolution reverb consumes some cpu, it’s not more than 50% with a track I’m working on, so I don’t think I’m pushing it.

Anyone has any experience with this plugin? Any ideas what could be the problem? Any other native linux convolution reverb that I haven’t heard of and should try?

NB: Is renoise handling denormals or is that the responsibility of each plugin?

Any input highly appreciated!