Linux Renoise 64Bit Dssi Path Wrong


I have had a scout around to see if this was mentioned anywhere. It’s not a major problem but I use Fedora 15 64bit and Renoise 64bit is looking for DSSI’s in /usr/lib. Simple fix is to just symlink /usr/lib64/dssi to /usr/lib/dssi and all works.

I thought I should mention it as I have been aware of the issue since I first looked at Renoise but wasn’t sure if /usr/lib64 was common across all Linux distros. And just recently I reloaded all the DSSI’s and couldnt figure out why they weren’t loading again.

Hope that helps someone.



Just remembered I did look at this but it never mentioned a DSSI_PATH and I couldn’t find one.

I hate posting in forums as I always worry I might have said something wrong!

don’t worry about it. we are a friendly community and if you make a mistake someone will point it out and it is all good.

we are using DSSI_PATH env variable to search for DSSI plugins, so change this to your liking (instead of creating dangerous symlinks) !

Thanks both. As I said I couldn’t find reference to DSSI_PATH so didn’t think to test it out. Will do later though :)

Maybe the Linux FAQ could be updated just to throw that bit it in?

Thanks again.