Linux: Renoise should use standard xdg directories for its config and library folder

Having not used Renoise for a while, I installed and ran it, and now I have two new directories in my home folder:


“.renoise” should probably go to “$XDG_CONFIG_DIRS/renoise”, e.g. “~.config/renoise”, to decrease folder load (which can be a problem on linux).

“Renoise” would best be moved to “$XDG_DATA_HOME/renoise”, e.g. “~/.local/share/renoise”, or, to ‘mimic’ current behaviour “$XDG_DOCUMENTS_DIR/Renoise” (which would be a no-go, see below).

For reference, XDG Base Directory Specification, precisely here, and a similiar bug report (with more extendend reasoning) on snapd here.

The dotfolder I don’t care to much about, albeit it would be nice.
The unsolicited Library folder on the other hand is an annoyance. It can’t be hidden, since on linux this would need me to rename it to “.Renoise”, which would be pointless (e.g. not working), and clutters my $HOME visibly.
It just doesn’t belong there. If every software did this, I’d have about 200 folders in my $HOME…

Right now I moved “Renoise” to “~/.local/share/renoise”, and use this script to start the application:


ln -s "~/.local/rennoise" "~/Renoise"
unlink "~Renoise"

But this means unnecessary file operations, and isn’t exactly elegant…

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