Linux Renoise Vs Plugins

Having a related question regarding the Linux-platform, where there are - as I understand it - various ways to ‘hack’ your Windows vst’s to work in linux (I still haven’t dabbled with it myself yet).

Will Renoise recognize the equivalent plugins, so that the projects made in a Windows or Mac-environment will relate the plugins used in the song with the correct ones in a Linux-environment? Will for example the mda-plugins be recognized from scratch, or say Hexter Win32 vs Hexter DSSI if such support will be added?

Bottomline is, will projects, where equivalent plugins exist, open fine regardless of the environment? Or is there some manual handling for this to work?

Maybe this is already solved? I can imagine it’s been a valid question back when Mac-support was added.

No… Regular VSTs USUALLY aren’t self-contained.

For instance, VSTs written for Windows or Mac might use a Win/Mac graphical subsystem which only works for those platforms.

It’s all about satisfying external dependencies, which you either need to fake with Wine, or have the VST written specifically for Linux, where the plugin author can make sure that everything works in a Linux environment.

Edit: But hey, I wouldn’t mind some sort of “native Wine+Renoise bridge”. :)