Linux & Rpg (renoise Phrase Generator)


i have a problem with the RPG under linux. It dont work for me, because it copys not the data in renoise.
Is a way to realise it under linux?

If dont work can be an linux port of this tool?
What about an renoise internal thing like this?

I am really bad at making scales, chord and melodies and a tool for generating inside renoise is like a dream.



Ohh :blink:

No reaction to this post?

Somebody realise it under linux to copy RPG data in renoise?

I have tried running RPG using Wine and it works. However, in order t o be able to paste the result into Renoise, I had to paste the phrase on a text editor before (f.e.: gedit), then select it all, copy and finally paste it to Renoise.


In the video for the windows version of RPG is nothing todo with an editor.
Always hit “Generate” at the RPG and the data is send to the track in Renoise.

Is it the limitaion of the Klipper?

I dont get it. :(

Its time killing to go over the thing with the editor.

The RPG works because of the clipboard that is being used.
I have not intensively tested what type of clipboard mode you should have in Linux and which windowmanager this works best with, but the clipboard corner is where you have to seek an answer.
Perhaps one of the other Linux users around here can give you a more detailed hint.